New for ADB Mac owners. How can your mouse make you more productive? With the Stealth ADB adapter you scroll through documents at your fingertips with a "wheel" mouse. You can also program other buttons on your mouse with keystroke commands .

The Adapter supports multi-button mice, cordless mice, wheel mice, trackballs and other mice like Microsoft IntelliMouse® Explorer

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PS/2 to ADB Adapter

PS/2 - ADB Mouse Control Panel
The PS/2 - ADB Mouse Control Panel is used to configure the functions of each button. The software automatically detects what type of mouse you have attached to the Adapter and shows the appropriate number of buttons. Up to 5 different buttons can be programmed to different commands.To change the action of each button, click on the pop-up menu by each button. At least one button must be assigned the Single-click action. To select a Command or Control key action, select the menu item and you will be prompted to enter a keystroke.


A scroll wheel can be a big productivity enhancement for navigating through documents. There is no need to move the cursor to the up/down arrows to scroll through a window - just rotate the wheel up or down. The scroll function default is set to emulate the Page Up and Page Down commands on your keyboard. For most applications, you can also set the scroll to a line-by-line mode and set how fast you want to set the scroll function.
Note: If you don't need any of the extra programming features of the Adapter Control Panel, your Adapter will also work without the Control Panel installed. The default values are:
Left button - Click
Right button - Control Click
Wheel - Page up/down
Middle button - no action
Does it work with PC keyboards?: This adapter works only with mice and other PS/2 pointing devices. Unfortunately it does not support keyboards. The challenge with keyboards is that PC keyboards do not have a power on/off key. Also there are a variety of PC keyboard layouts so there is no generalized way to map those keys to a Macintosh.

System requirements:

  • Mac with ADB Port
Note: The PS/2 to ADB mouse adapter works with virtually any PS/2 input device with the following exceptions: Logitech First Mouse Wheel, Logitech optical mouse and some Kensington 4-button mice.


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