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System requirements:
Mac OSX, Mac OS9
Quicktime 5 or later

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$49.95 as a download (CD also available)
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Slick Caption

Whether used for training, education, or translation purposes, Slick Caption is the easy and affordable solution for adding captions to your digital video.

The software imports a DV movie created in iMovie, Final Cut Express/Pro or other video editing software. Text files can be imported, or the text can be typed in the program. There are various formatting options for displaying the captions.

Matching the text to the dialog in the video is a simple as pressing a key while watching the video. There are simple controls to change the timing of the captions by dragging markers in the timeline or “nudging” with the keyboard arrow keys.

When you are finished, just export the movie as a DV clip which can be output to tape or DVD.

Slick Caption

Add open captions or sub-titles to your digital video with Slick Caption.

Click to play movie with captions (750K)

Import a text file

Import captions prepared with any word processor and save as a plain text file. Captions can also be typed and edited within Slick Caption.

Record captions with a single tap or click

While playing the video, just click the “Insert CAP” button or tap the Enter key (user configurable) and the caption will appear.

Caption formatting

Slick Caption provides extensive formatting options of the caption text. The font, size, style, color, and alignment are at the user’s control. The caption can appear with, or without, a colored background.

The caption can also be located at the top of the screen.


Fine-tune caption timing

To change the timing of a caption, just click on the caption and it will be highlighted on the timeline. Drag the beginning or ending marker (or use arrow keys) to the desired time.

The markers can be adjusted to hide captions during a silent section of the video.

Edit caption text

Slick Caption provides standard text editing capabilities - cut, copy, paste and undo.

There are also special features to add or remove captions, or split a two-line caption into a single-lined caption.


Export to DV

The final step is to export the new movie as a DV file with the captions now embedded.

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