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Stealth Serial Port

The Stealth Serial Port provides a fully compatible serial port for you new Mac. Unlike USB-to-serial adapters, the Stealth Serial Port works with Localtalk (OS9 only), MIDI, any serial printer and virtually any other Mac serial peripheral. We back this compatibility with a money-back guarantee.
New Model for the current G5 systems now available. (up to Dual 2.7 GHz.)


Stealth Serial Port

- Functions just like a standard Mac serial port, including LocalTalk (OS 9 only)
- Hardware based on the same serial chipset found on earlier Power Macs
- Supports externally clocked serial peripherals such as serial printers and MIDI devices
- Standard mini-DIN8 connector

- Installs in minutes
- Uses internal modem slot

Great value
- Under $50
- 30-day money-back guarantee

System requirements

Open modem slot (no internal modem) - all models

Stealth Serial Port for G5
– Power Macintosh G5
– Dual 2.0 GHz., 2.3 GHz., 2.5 GHz, 2.7 GHz.
– Single 1.8 GHz (2005)
– All G5's except first generation (2003) and dual core (late 2005-2006)

Stealth Serial Port for G4 - Universal model - Sorry sold out!
– Power Macintosh G4 "Mirror Drive Door" (Dual 867MHz, Dual 1 GHz, Dual 1.25 GHz)
Note:Serial connector mounts on a bracket that replaces a PCI slot cover on the "Mirror Door" systems.
– Power Macintosh G4 "QuickSilver" (733, 800, 867, Dual 800 MHz, Dual 1 GHz)
– Power Macintosh G4-2001, 4-PCI Slots (466, 533,667,733 MHz)
– Power Macintosh G4 Dual Processor (450, 500 MHz)
– Power Macintosh G4 AGP graphics (350, 400, 450 or 500 MHz.)

Stealth Serial Port for G3 - Sorry sold out!
– Power Macintosh Blue & White G3
– Power Macintosh G4 with PCI graphics

Stealth Serilal Port for iMac - Sorry sold out!
– iMac rev A-D (233-333 Mhz.)

Stealth Installation

The Stealth Serial Port takes just a few minutes to install in your computer. The Stealth Serial Port consists of both a mini-interface card and a serial port connector. Installation requires only a standard Philips screwdriver. To see installation instructions, click Install for each system. Too see what the Stealth card looks like in your system, click View for each system.


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