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Stealth Serial Port

What Mac experts have to say about Stealth!


Stealth Serial Port

"If you're looking for a way to keep using those old serial devices, the Stealth Serial Port is the ticket."

"… performed just like a serial port in terms of speed and reliability""It’s cheap, easy to install, and works like a charm."

"No other serial adapter I've found works with a serial MIDI interface.""… I saved a few hundred dollars by installing the Stealth Serial Port and using my old MIDI interface."

About This Particular Mac
"Does it work? Yes! It works superbly.""… the GeeThree product is by far the best choice""… the Stealth Serial Port is about as perfect a product as I've encountered"

"to make things short and sweet the thing rocks"

"The Stealth's real advantage compatibility-wise is its support of LocalTalk and MIDI"

"It's an elegant solution to the problem of using legacy serial devices with many newer Macs."

"It installs in minutes with just a screwdriver."

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