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Stealth Serial Port

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Stealth Serial Port

Yesterday I mounted the Stealth and tested it in all possible ways, according to my needs: AppleTalk net, different printers (Appletalk and direct), modem (different types), ISDN, Midi equipment, Palm Pilot, digital camera etc. I am astonished. It is simple, straightforward, takes minutes to install, cheap (great value!) - and it works!

According to an Apple salesman (who didn't inform me about the Stealth...) there was no way of getting G3 to work with Midi, I would need to buy a new USB-cradle to my Palm Pilot and had to either change printers (color inkjet) or make them ethernet-compatible (LaserWriter). And since there was no way of using my ISDN equipment, I had to buy a new ISDN box. Nothing of this was necessary, Thanks to the Stealth. Thanks

-- Michael Anderson, Journalist/graphic designer at "Ordbrukarna", Stockholm, Sweden

PS I usually do not bother about giving feedback like this - not when things works - but Stealth made me so happy I felt that I had to. :-)

Just wanted to let you know that with all the effort of making the change to the B&W G3 your Stealth solution was a dream to install and works great with all my devices! Using an old StyleWriter II no problem! Using a Palm cradle first time! Midi Express with Logic Audio same again!

-- David W.

You guys are the best! Not only does the (Stealth) work like a charm, but it installs incredibly fast! Thank you for making such a fantastic product and for looking after me with kit gloves. What can I say I'm a really happy guy!!!

-- Chris Blais

Your product is superior to USB adapter because they do not allow all of the features that came with older Macs' serial ports, such as LocalTalk support and MIDI support.

-- Chris B. in Omaha

Just wanted to let you know what a great product you've got. I just bought 2 and they have saved me all kinds of headaches.

-- Thomas J. in Alaska

I have several G3's in my office and they all worked very nicely with serial ports. Our primary application is with midi. Since getting a new blue G3 I have had nothing but grief. I purchased a USB midi interface for approximately twice the cost of your kid and I couldn't get it to work. I paid more than twice the amount of the Stealth for a card that gave me 4 serial ports, none of which could communicate with midi. I got another serial device similar to yours and that didn't work but with the Stealth, I'm back in business--Thank you.

-- Stan S.

I just wanted to thank you for supplying the LocalTalk Bridge Patch. It has made my life infinitely easier!!

!-- Laura B.

I live in France, and your product is a miracle for me. This is the only cheap (the most important for me, because I can't afford the 100+ $ USB adapter), reliable and easy-to-use and install solution to make my Blue G3 more open (it was already open before... :) ). Please continue making such products and distributing them in France. Thank you

-- L. Q.

Thanks to Stealth, I now have my new G3 running my music studio as originally planned. The blue and white G3 sat in the box for many weeks waiting for a solution to the midi-less new Mac design. Thanks for an excellent product!-- Best regards

– Colin S.

The Stealth Serial Port has already saved our butts! We have a client who wanted to use an Epson Stylus Photo EX printer with the Epson Stylus RIP Server software on a new G3. The USB to serial adapter would not work, a $250 PCI serial card would not work, and a parallel to USB cable worked with the printer but NOT with the Stylus RIP software. The Stealth Serial Port worked on the first try!-- Thank you,

- Philip H.

The BEST thing I've bought in ages, it just works!!

-- Stuart A

Just wanted to tell you that your little device is a true gem! Simple to install and the software is even simpler to use!Just a great piece of work. True blue is happily churning my personal LaserWriter just as in the old days, just better and faster!A great investment in uniting the future and the past!

-- Greg B.

Just want to send you an email to tell you that this solution to my serial printer incompatibility has been the most economic and best overall. I had spent more than twice as much for another company's adapter which utilized an ethernet connection. This coupled with the fact I have a cable modem meant I had to use a hub to have both available at the same time. Not such a big deal but I had problems with the modem through the hub AND with printing. It seems that through this other adapter, printer fonts did not match screen fonts and blah, blah, blah.... Anyway, all problems disappeared when your Stealth adapter arrived and I am very happy indeed.

-- Paul M.

Just to let you know I have received 2 adapters. I have used one in a G3
Server to allow a terminal emulator to talk to a RAID controller! They work just fine I will order some more!

-- MikeW

Wow! What an awesome product at an amazing price!I came within a hair's breadth of buying a PCI card at $180.00 but contact with MOTU (while they were testing) informed me in time.So far the Stealth device works with my old hot dog shaped Altech systems MIDI interface and my old 28.8 (SupraExpress 288) on my new 350 Yosemite. Thank you

-- Tim N

I installed both of my serial adapters yesterday on my G3s. Both took 2 minutes each to install. They both work flawlessly!!! The pieces also fit perfectly. The screw holes etc. were all exactly where they should be.On both my Epson stylus EX Pro and my Epson 500 (an older unit) there was not a single glitch with either of them

.-- Michael S.

I just received my Stealth Serial Port from Mine was order #378, so I must have received one of the earliest batch to be sent. It took about 5 minutes to install, mainly to get all the other gorp out of the way of the swing-down side of the B&W G3 box. I had been worried that my Epson Color Stylus Pro 850 printer would not work with this port, because it didn't work with the very expensive PCI serial card. Anyway, all I had to do after installing the device, the extension, and choosing the new setup in Chooser was to hit "Print" and, Voila! It worked without a flaw!

-- Steve

Just got my Stealth serial port adapter today. It works just fine with my Opcode studio 4. I only wanted to say, "thanks, I needed that!"

-- Brant W.

I just received my new Stealth Port in the mail about an hour ago. REALLY COOL. I am impressed by the ease of installation and quality. Performance – it’s as if there was a serial port built in my blue and white from the start. In fact, I'll be sending this email through a modem connected using the Stealth Port.

-- Dan H.

This things great! I plugged it in and away we go. No muss, no fuss. It just works! Thanks so much for making this. I'm really happy with it. You guys did this one right.

-- Keith N.

Just to tell you that my EPSON RIP software seems to be working and so does my Global Village Fax/Modem. It's like having my old computer back I am so glad to see everything is back to normal. It's fantastic.

-- Raymond L.

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