Stealth Serial Port



How to Install





There are lots of different uses for the Stealth Serial Port. Here is a partial list of the things our customers are using the Stealth Serial Port for. Add this functionality to your iMac today.

  • MIDI for you new Mac!
  • Recommended by all of the leading MIDI suppliers (and Apple)
Palm, PDAs
  • Sync your Pilot or PDA
Digital Cameras
  • Transfer images from your camera
  • Epson and HP inkjet printer
  • LocalTalk laser printers – LaserWriters, LaserJet 4MP and more
  • Share LocalTalk printer with LocalTalk Bridge software
  • Direct-connect LaserWriters – LaserWriter LS
  • PostScript RIPs – Epson, Birmy and others
  • Impact printers for forms (Imagewriters)
  • Label printers
Other Output
  • Sign cutters
  • Large format printers (HP, ENCAD)
  • Embroidery equipment
  • ISDN Modems
  • 56K, other analog modems
  • X-10 home control
File Sharing
  • With PowerBook, older Macs (no ethernet)
  • Deck control
  • QuickCam
  • Color calibration (Radius Pressview, other)
File Servers
  • UPC software - APC PowerChute compatible
  • Control disk arrays, routers
  • CD Jukebox control
Input Devices
  • Wacom tablets
  • Visioneer scanner
  • Card readers
  • Bar code scanners
  • Touch screen control
  • Two machine debugger (Open firmware console)
  • Net Yaroze (PlayStation development)
  • Lego MindStorms
  • RS-232 machine control
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Tektronix Digital Scope
  • Monochrometer
  • GPS equipment
And more!
  • Virtually any Mac serial device


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